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I am a freelance journalist based in South East Asia who writes about identity and politics in one of the most diverse regions of the world. I speak Bahasa Indonesian, and my reporting appears in The New York Times, Washington Post, Economist, New Yorker, and other publications. 

A few favorite stories are a look into Philip Morris and the Bloomberg Foundation’s duel over tobacco control policy in Indonesia for The New York Times, which led Philip Morris to take down some egregious advertisements, a Saturday Profile of Dede Oetomo, the godfather of Indonesia’s gay rights movement, for the Times, and a story about the Indonesian state’s violent suppression of a new religious movement, called Gafatar, for the Washington Post. I also covered Myanmar’s historic democratic elections for the New Yorker, and wrote about the rise of ISIS in Indonesia for Foreign Policy, among many other interesting assignments.

In my reporting I explore themes like the role that religion plays in politics, how the rise of China is changing the world, and how to provide healthcare and education to the poor. 

In 2015, I was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Yogyakarta where I researched the relationship between Indonesian nationalism and Islam. Prior to that, I did NGO work and wrote from the Middle East, where I covered the Egyptian military’s coup against the Muslim Brotherhood from Cairo for The American Prospect. I graduated from Swarthmore College with High Honors in 2012, and have spent time working in China and Malawi.

Aside from writing I like reading novels, learning new languages, traveling, and riding my motorbike.